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Giga lighting classic interior design 0465

Giga lighting classic interior design 0465

LED Ceiling & LED Pendant 0465 seriesStyle: Modern lamp, Contemporary lamp, Home decorative lampMaterial: Iron + AcrylicSize: Dia. 400mm / 600mm / 800mmLumen: 80-85LM/W, dimmableColor: Sandy white / Sandy black / Golden brushed / Wooden paintingLight source: LED 2835Certificate: CE / CB / VDE / TUV / UL / ETL / SAA
Giga Lighting Classic Interior Design 0512

Giga Lighting Classic Interior Design 0512

PendantSeries No.: 0512Style: Postmodernism lampMaterial: Stainless steel & AcrylicSize: Dia. 550mm / 800mmFinish: PaintingLight source: LED 3030Certificate: CE / CB / VDE / TUV / UL / ETL / SAA
Giga lighting classic interior design 20169

Giga lighting classic interior design 20169

LED Ceiling lamp, LED PendantMaterial: Aluminum + Iron + AcrylicSize: Dia. 420mm / 600mm / 800mmLumen: 4300LM, 5270LM, 8600LMColor: Sandy white / Sandy black / Golden brushedLight source: LED 2835Certificate: CE / CB / VDE / TUV / UL / ETL / SAA
Giga Lighting Classic Interior Design 20210

Giga Lighting Classic Interior Design 20210

Gigalighting in No. 36, Zhongshan Two Road, Shiqi, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China(Post code: 528400) Main products 20210.With rich production experience,  constantly learns foreign advanced technology and introduces sophisticated equipment. Besides, we have a sound quality management system to carry out strict quality inspections. All this provides favorable conditions for producing high-quality .

OEM / ODM Services

Giga lighting is a professional lamp manufacturer and also a powerful trading partner for LED items and projects. With over 25-years of experience to output lighting products to European markets, we are no doubt believing that we are patient, we are reliable, we are responsible and we are passionate. We know, with more patience and more deliberateness, we will have more opportunities to offer better solutions to our customers. So, we always persist in “Aiming at excellence, people-oriented, trust and win-win in the spirit of study and enterpriser.”

1. Our Design :Besides our excellence on ODM business, we also offer competative OEM service

2. Experienced :More than 25 years of professional home decoration manufacturers, Your trustworthy partner.

3. OEM / ODM :We already ship hundreds of our products to customers in different countries every year


Established a solid relationship with mainstream market

High quality standard runs through design and production.


Giga Lighting is a professional and long-standing lighting manufacturer and exporter. Supported by over 25 years of lamps production for export only, we have been serving customers in Europe, North America and South America steadily.


Starting from the simplest spotlights, Giga Lighting has been paying attention to the needs of European and American customers. We started from the sample customization provided by customers and gradually accumulated experience in production design. With our understanding of product structure and the beauty of light and shadow, we have gradually developed our own product design.


Today, Giga Lighting has two production bases in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, with more than 1000 products. We have a wide range of products. Based on modern style, the products cover indoor to outdoor, decorative to commercial.


Giga Lighting has entered the field of LED for a long time. Since 2013, we have developed own LED product system. The share of LED products has also increased rapidly. The combination of LED and driver, the quality control of electrical components and the mature application of light effect comfort are the core competitiveness of Giga Lighting.


Over past 25 years, Giga Lighting has taken "Let people enjoy the beauty, comfort and warmth originated from light and shadow" as its vision, and is committed to progressing with the latest designs and fashion, but surprising in a perfect quality system and affordable prices.


In 2021, "Kyocera Philosophy" has been embodied with every colleague by heart.


More satisfaction from our customers in better quality and service will stay at our priority forever!



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